Passin' Us By (live from a shed in Ocean City)

by Penn Johnson & The The Lost Tribe

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Thoughts on the mind at Euphoria Music Festival in Austin, TX. Picked up a band of gypsies and have been traveling with them non-stop for over two months. The 4 of us were living in a Prius C up until a little over a week ago. Now it's been reduced to 3. Road life teaches many lessons, stretches stress receptors, and keeps you humble and honest. We let so much of our lives pass us by without exploring alternative lifestyles...


Capo 6
D, Am7, G

suns comin up and i haven’t slept yet
band full a gypsies with pockets a gold. the comedown's a comin eyelids a heavy now. and my body's a catchin up to my soul.

moon cuts through the clouds and stars are surrounding. seaweed trees sway 'cross the southern tipped skies. fumblin' for wide eyed wondering worries again. misplace them amongst all the bottles of wine.

it's passin me by 3x

well there’s a girl and she’s moanin my name to me. we've been drinkin and laughin and foolin around. she’s got a quick pace and a face made of crystal yeah. tattoos of cartoons doesn’t know where she’s bound.

well i build my hopes up and they fall down like rain. i ain't ever sure bout things that i say. edge of the fence is where you can find me. starin into the sun as life slips away.

it's passin you by 6x

well this house is a quiet and everyone's sleeping. chandelier shines through a room fulla junk. come tomorrow we'll be on the highway again. all of our lives stuffed into the trunk.

somebody told me we're born with a purpose. that we choose the life of which we're a part. cosmic beings seeking shelter n smiles. a rocketship back to our home in the stars.

it's passin us by 6x


released May 27, 2017
lyrics, music, guitar, vocals: Penn Johnson
lead guitar: Jude Kincer
mastered: Billy Kitchens Studio 1b in Savannah, GA



all rights reserved


Penn Johnson & The Lost Tribe Austin, Texas

consciousness weaving spiritual folk rock duo telling stories and singing songs. find us around the campfire.

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