Circle Forming

by Penn Johnson

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I wrote this song during a Taurus full moon in 2018 when I realized that all the chaos happening is a part of a larger picture: to realize we humans aren’t the center of everything. To understand that these horrific and deadly occurrences are awakening us to our higher purpose as stewards and caretakers of pachamama and all her creatures. To highlight that when shit gets real sometimes all we can do is open our understanding and sit in a circle singing songs and listening to what each other has to say. We used to gather around fires. Now we gather around screens. We used to listen and accept. Now our patience is thin: we draw guns and make rash decisions without thinking of the consequences. My prayers recently have been directed toward a larger picture. A global community. A oneness that makes some uncomfortable talking about. GOOD. Be uncomfortable. Sit with that discomfort. Question its existence. Is it because of your ego or stubbornness? Is it preconditioning? The more I question, the more I learn. I’m only here for a short time, but these lessons are here to stay. The circle's forming, come and take your seat...

xx Penn


Em, C, D, G
C, D, G

it’s a different kinda rainbow
learn again all over
clouds full of chemicals
artificial city glowin
connections in the simplest
of online communications
lovin this technology so much
we’re all addicted
constant flow of info and
tomorrow seems so far away
van was towed I’m broke n low
send prayers for my sanity
devoted to my practice
i know people they fall short sometimes
revolving with such speed
best believe we’re all a part of i

i know it’s hard to see
circle formin
come n take your seat
widen your channels and breathe
let go of what is and be

you n me and us is we
let it grow like apple seeds
trust they’ll blossom fruit n love
and scatter them with clarity
always seek the higher road
temptations they will drag you down
heart to heavens full unload
release it on yer mat for now
steady climbin slip on back
organs feel so outta whack
need a second to myself
away from all the constant black
darkness like a lampshade see
peaceful thoughts and harmony
back and forth so damn often
focus patience try to soften
know i am so rough sometimes
apologize to father sky
sorry for my constant movement
do do not there is no try
lessons from the wisest yeah
takes a while to take flight

i know it’s hard to see
circle formin
come n take your seat
widen your channels and breathe
let go of what is and be

full moon lives in taurus
this time will bring prosperity
focus on yer goals
clean yer aura space n energy
renewal is a comin
clear conscious shinin down on we
overstand and praise to jah
creator keep on healin me
lettin go of the struggles in our past ya see
the path has opened up
join the circle now n take a seat
gathered by the fire
huddled round my newfound family
every day a newborn chance
to bring more hope
live to a slower beat 3x

close yer eyes n breathe it in
a wonder for the world to be
accepting of our kinship
birds sing inside a forest green

i know it’s hard to see
circle formin
come n take your seat
widen your channels and breathe 3x
let go of what is and be 3x


released November 23, 2018
Recorded at Shards LV Bethlehem, PA
Produced by: Penn Johnson + Matt Molchany
Guitar/Harmonica/Vox: Penn Johnson
Mandolin: Chad Brown
Violin: Richard Vagner
Bass/Percussion/Drums: Matt Molchany


all rights reserved



Penn Johnson Austin, Texas

Penn Johnson weaves echoes of hope through storytelling and song.

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